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On A Personal Note…

I know you have heard that quote before, but I thought I would put it into a different context for you today.

First, a little history. I love motorcycles . I love quads. I love jet ski’s and snowmobiles. Anything that rides like a motorcycle, regardless of the *terrain* it was designed to skim across, brings me joy and excitement. I have been riding since I was a little bitty tyke. I won’t turn down a planned *ride*. Ever.

Well, until Saturday.

I was spending the holidays with some friends (family that wasn’t born under the same roof ) who have lot’s of toys and plenty of desert and river country to ride through. We rode Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The grandkids were there as well, so taking them on short rides was the extent of the riding the first couple of days. Just a tease really .

By Friday, we moved up to *big-kid-riding*. Thirty mile runs up to the river bottom through mud, water and some great scenery. Life was good. This is how the holidays should be spent.

On Saturday, we had a truly epic ride planned, but wanted to finish the track they were adding on the side 3 acres before leaving. Jim used the tractor to dig up and create a great jump area. He smoothed the track down and then called for riders to help pack the new runs. Oh yes! Another excuse to ride .

I took the first run around the track pretty slow.. new turns, newly turned dirt. Anytime you hit a new track, you gotta get the feel. You know? Especially since I was on a bike I hadn’t ridden in a while. Thumb throttle setup, and this after getting off the Banshee which had a twist throttle.

By the second or third pass around the track, I was ready to give the jump a try.

I hit the turns with full drift, running the lines was pretty sweet. Around the final turn then open it up a bit. (Not too much, it is an untried jump after all). Just before the foot of the jump, I let off.

Well, I tried to let off.

Remember I said I had just gotten off a twist throttle bike? I released my wrist forward, as I would with a twist throttle , which caused my thumb to pull forward… increasing the throttle!

Yep, you guessed it. I hit the foot of the jump on full throttle and got some big air. I mean really big air .

The front of the bike lifted, and kept lifting . At the 20 foot mark, I realized I was gonna hit on the rear wheels and if I still had a hold of the bike, it wasn’t gonna be pretty. I made the decision to release the bike and try for a controlled fall.

I landed first on my butt. My left cheek to be precise. Tore the major muscle group that crosses that particular body part. Bounced and hit the second time on my back. Can you say road rash ? Left hip to left shoulder. Final bounce was on my back and head.

I sat up after the third bounce and watched as the bike rolled down the track like it had a purpose, unharmed and completely unrepentant.

It took a minute to get my feet under me, but I did. A little sore. Not yet realizing the full extent of the damage. I stood to the accolades of my riding buddies for the length of the jump and the truly *awesome* bounces. I think I heard someone mention YouTUBE videos and the fact that no one had a camera on it. How sad .

I rode the bike back to the house so it could be fueled up for the ride we had planned later that day. As I parked it and got off (a little slowly I must confess ), I still had planned to leave on the ride. I went inside to take stock and discovered the damage. A long look in the mirror and it was time to make a decision.

To ride or not to ride?

Well, I am happy to say that being 48 has it advantages. Wisdom is sitting in. (Despite what you might think based on my riding). Wisdom dictated that I take stock and decide if riding injured was a good idea or not. Wisdom won. I turned down the ride. Not forever, just for that trip. I won’t give up riding. Ever. But to ride with torn muscles and a pain not unlike childbirth would be stupid.

Is There A Lesson Here?

Now, what does all this have to do with Internet or Network Marketing? I am glad you asked. There is a lesson here.

When you try a new tool or method for your marketing method, it’s best to take it slow. Get a feel for the track (so to speak), and slowly build up speed (or momentum).

Jumping in on a new method with a new tool can be dangerous to either your pocket book or your business (or your butt frankly). It’s best to get a feel for the new method. Try out the new tool, and if it works for you, great. If not, try another.

Just do it slow until you have some confidence and a little experience. Then try it a little faster.

And don’t give up. Ever.


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