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Today’s entry from the mail bag comes from Marquis, regarding a recent video tutorial I did on Headspace2. Marquis writes:

Hello Cenay,

I recently viewed your Headspace2 tutorial video. This video was by far the most helpful tutorial I’ve come across. However, I am a novice when it comes to websites and SEO and I had a few additional questions regarding the Headspace2 plugin.

I am launching a sports blog that covers the latest news and headlines, as well as highlights in sports. Because most of the content will be covering breaking news, SEO is extremely important.

Under the global settings, I have the following tags listed as: sports headlines,sports highlights,sports news

Are these settings proficient? Do I need to add “sports” in the tags as well?

Also, most of the content in my posts will hardly ever have written content, as it will mostly include video and photos. Therefore, I will not have many opportunities to implement keywords within the posts. Although my posts will have keywords in the titles, will not having keywords within the posts put me at a disadvantage when it comes to SEO?

Any assistance regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I emailed him back, but really felt like this answer might answer some of your questions as well. So forgive me Marquis for not asking permission to republish your question, but I had to share my answer…

Headspace2 And Video Posts: The Answer


The most important question first… by offering videos and NOT having text that the search engines can crawl, YES, you are at a disadvantage. As redundant as it sounds, I would place a “summary” of what the video is about in text form, and make sure you use your primary and secondary keywords within that text.

Also, you should place the keyword in all 9 places the search engines look for it. Here is a post I did detailing all 9 places to add your keyword.

Next, there are things you can do to help get your video posts found. Google created a video and tutorial section on Video Sitemaps which you can access here.

Regarding the global keyword/tags and what you should place on the post for each…

1) The global should be the generic keywords that are applicable to ALL posts.

2) The keywords on the individual posts should include words used within the body of that post content. For example, if the post/video is about the Eagles training camp and a specific player, use BOTH those words in the post and post keywords/tags.

Just remember, you are tagging so people can find your content so you will need to know what words they are searching. A little keyword research (from Google Trends for example), can help you understand how they search and what the hottest topics are.

For more in depth keyword research (something I highly recommend), I strongly advise getting a tool like Market Samurai or Keyword Elite. There is no substitute for knowing how people search for a given subject, and what your competition is doing to land the clicks for those searches.

I hope this helps.



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