Is Your Computer Protection Up To Date?

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Ask yourself this question: Is my computer protected against the threats of today?

Most people assume the protection they loaded last year (or last decade), is enough to protect them. They assume wrong.

Hackers, crackers, Trogan writers and Virus makers are constantly evolving their skill, their targets and their ambitions. It’s pretty hard to keep up with everything going on, which is why the anti-virus, anti-trogan, anti-spam folks are making so much money (and no, this isn’t a product promo piece). Their full time job is to monitor, update and improve their protection software.

Yes, they hope to get paid, but many of these companies also offer a scaled down free version. AVAST is just such a company. In fact, the free version of Avast is the one I use. It has 7 separate process monitors and protection levels. Everything from inbound emails to active web page surfing. File usage monitors that scan files as they are opened and instant messaging monitors.

Of course, I am also careful about where I surf, and what I do online. You have to be today. Surfing without an Anti-virus program and active web protection is like having unprotected sex. Yeah, it might feel good in the moment, but dang, that shit can kill you.

Do yourself a favor. Stop and check your virus updates, protection levels and web threat monitors. If it’s not 100% up to date, what are you waiting for?


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