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Okay, you’ve been online a while and finally mastered the whole *create a blog* or *build a capture page* thingy. One thing plaguing you though…every time you want to change a color on your theme, you have to stop, go open a program that will display the colors and let you choose, then copy the HTML codes to create that color.

What a pain in the butt.

Well my friends, I found a really cool tool that loads up on your computer and will let you choose any color you can see! It also contains a visible color *library* so you can select from a master set of colors.

It will optionally output the color codes in a variety of *types*, like HTML, Delphi, RGB, VB and C++.

I set it to load up at Windows startup so it’s always available… a quick keystroke, and *bam*, the color picker is right under my mouse cursor, all I have to do is click to select. The floating toolbar makes it easy to open the library for the master set of colors, or see the 7 most recent colors I selected.

Trust me when I tell you, if you do ANY web site design or blog tweaking… then you need this tool.

Oh, and did I mention? Yep, it’s free.

You can download AdesClrPicker here.


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