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Many first time bloggers start out on WordPress.com, only to discover they are limited in options, plugins, advertising and flexibility. When that happens, it’s time to step up your game and go with a mature blogging platform. I highly recommend WordPress.org – the self-hosted option of the popular blogging software.

With the self hosted option, you no longer have anyone telling you what you can and can’t include for advertising, plugins, or content. Need a customized change? You can.

This video shows you how to take a WordPress.com blog and move it – or upgrade it – to a self-hosted, no limits, rocking and ready to conquer the world blog. Okay, that might be overstating it a little, but it definitely has some way cool options and freedoms!

A few assumptions:

  • You own a hosting account where you can create it. If not, consider IX Web Hosting or Bluehost. Both have great tech support, 24/7 access and all inclusive storage, domains and bandwidth options… and by all inclusive, I mean unlimited. (I use IX myself on more than 80 sites)
  • You are comfortable working in multiple tabs in your browser.; (Okay, not strictly necessary but helpful)
  • You already use the upgraded option at WordPress.com to have your blog on a domain you bought.
  • You are ready to get serious about your blogging.

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