5 Tools To Help You *Get Things Done*

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One of the blogs I read frequently recently ran a post (actually, a series of posts) on Getting Things Done (GTD).

Sara Christiansen of Pajama Professional fame offers some insight into tools and add-on’s you can use to help you stay on track with your goals, tasks and to-do lists. I think you will like her style as much as I do, so head on over and check out her post.

Just to tease you, here’s an excerpt:

As I am a sucker for online apps (isn’t everyone these days?), I started my search for the perfect GTD application there. I had a small set of criteria because I wasn’t really sure what I would find:

1. Easy and Intuitive: I didn’t want to spend a load of time learning how to use it.
2. Fun and Pretty: If I am going to dedicate some of my time to a new application I want to enjoy it.
3. Free: My goal this year is to reduce my spending, not increase it to keep organized.
4. Online: I want to use it for work and home or else I’d just use a hipster PDA .

Source: Pajama Professional | Author: Sara Christensen . Maximize Your Earning Potential, In Your PJ’s.


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