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I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the readers of this blog arrived because they were searching for a revealing review of the latest money-making software or book. That’s why we’re marketers, right?

Wrong! We’re marketers because we’ve taken action. We’ve gone out and set up a website, started an email list, promoted some valuable products or maybe even created a product and started selling it. We’re not marketers just because we’ve bought into someone else’s hype.

Most people I talk to are like sheep. They want to follow a shepherd, in fact they want that shepherd to look after them, tell them where to go and what to do when they get there. They’ll gladly fork out some of their hard-earned shekels to buy the latest whizz-bang marketing training course in the hope that it will tell them what to do to earn millions.

Usually that training course, ebook or program sits on their hard drive doing nothing. They might start on it but then get distracted and put it aside for another day when they’ve got time. But you know what? That other day never arrives.wellnevermakeit_sml

Instead yet another ‘cash sucking’ ebook comes out and off they go again. It’s like a download mania. Actually I think it really does become addictive after time?

Change your mindset

So how can you overcome this and actually start to take action, to actually do something that will earn you some money online?

Well first of all you have to change your mindset. Most of us believe that the keys to fame and fortune are in the pockets of the privileged, that somehow other people have found a hidden door to becoming famous and wealthy.

It doesn’t work like that. Yes, there are a few who are born into privileged backgrounds. But these are the rarity and, let me tell you, a lot of them amount to nothing.

Because the really successful entrepreneurs, actors and artists are those who realise that success is only within the reach of those who take action.

Forget what you’ve been led to believe all your life, that other people are in some way better than you, more gifted than you, more intelligent than you. This is the way that society keeps you in your place and the way that the people who are successful manage to feed off your sense of failure.

procrastination Look at any highly successful person and you’ll see someone who is driven – driven to succeed at all costs. Now if that frightens you, if you cannot see that drive, that ambition, within yourself, don’t worry. It’s because you’ve been told that you’re useless, that other people know what is good for you!

Today is the day to change your mindset. Today is the day you’re going to take action to improve your life. Today is the day that you’re going to delve into your hard drive and dig out that program, that system, that training that you always meant to follow but never got round to.

And if you haven’t got anything like that on your hard drive then have a look through the recommendations on this blog. The two systems which have proved most popular, both with my readers and myself, are Profit Praxis and MOLB . Both give you the keys to success. Both follow a step-by-step process that is guaranteed to work if you actually follow them through. Read my reviews (by clicking the titles above) and then the salesletters for each and see which appeals to you.

Then, most important of all, start thinking like a marketer. You know you really can do this, all you need to do is make a start and the rest will follow.

Alternatively lie back on the couch, switch on the TV and put it off for another day. The choice is yours!

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