Guest Posting Builds Your Blog’s Traffic

Traffic Techniques

If you hang around this blog at all, you know I preach quite a bit about link building, blog commenting and other sufficiently geeky subjects all related to getting your content found.

Today, I want to introduce you to yet another link building strategy with multiple benefits, this one for both of us.

Guest Posts Build Your Readership

Despite what you might think, even a moderately successful guest post can build a steady stream of traffic to your blog. Even with just the one or two links included in the author bio area. Controversial? Funny? Asshole? Any of these can insure it could be substantially more.

Yeah, I know. Defies logic, doesn’t it? Not really, when you think about it.

Add to the body of knowledge on a particular topic and folks just naturally want to know more about you. They will click your links. They will follow your breadcrumbs. They will read your blog. And if they like it, they will subscribe.

Now Offering Guest Posts

Here is where it is win-win-win for us. You get new eyeballs on your content and your rapier wit. Hopefully, you get new regular readers. I get content for my blog that presents a new perspective, a different opinion. And the reader (yes, you dear reader, my reason for living), get more … divergent ideas, laughs, insights, and resources.

Calling All Writers, Bloggers, and Readers Who Want To Write

So, if you thought about writing or blogging and haven’t taken the plunge, consider starting here. If you are a regular blogger and looking to grow your readership, feel free to submit posts and siphon off some of mine… we can share. If you are a professional grade writer, you can submit, but I can’t promise I will accept. I am looking for the “real”, and it’s been my experience that pro-writers, just lack the ability to keep it real.

So, come on… dip a toe in and let’s do this thing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Did You Notice…?

There are new pages in the navigation bar at the top. If you haven’t checked them out recently, you might want to explore a little. The Guest Post Guidelines are in the About section. You can review my requirements and submit an article there.

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