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Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing : Working Together
Mar 24

SEO and Online Marketing: Working Together

By Cenay Nailor | Online Marketing , SEO

A successful online business will have a few things in common, but first, here are a couple of concepts you really need to be clear on.

You can build the very best website on the planet, but unless people can find it, you won’t sell a thing.
You can get hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your site every day, but unless you are offering what they are looking for, you won’t sell a thing.

Both of these concepts are what search engine optimization is all about.

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Jul 26

Teaser Video: SEO Powersuite

By Cenay Nailor | Online Marketing , SEO

I just purchased an amazing tool to help me focus my SEO efforts, build inbound links, audit my results and check my rankings. What can I say, it was time to take my SEO and link portfolio to the next level and some of this wasn’t being handled by Market Samurai or SEO Elite, both tools I purchased for this purpose.

And because I am more than a little willing to gloat (’cause YOU don’t have this tool and I do), allow me to show you what you are missing.

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May 10

Headspace2: The End Of An Era in SEO

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ , Plugins , SEO , Wordpress

Headspace2 is no longer supported. I can’t tell you how sad I am. Frustrated. Confused. Maybe a little bitter.

Headspace2 was an SEO plugin I found some time ago. As anyone who follows me knows, it’s a plugin I have proclaimed long and loud. I install it on all my client blogs. I teach how to set it up. I encouraged it’s use far and wide. And now it’s gasping it’s last.

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Nov 22

Panda Update Aimed At User Convenience And Content Quality

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

Success of online business depends to a large extent on search engine ranking and this is why business owners resort to SEO service providers. In last few years, SEO services have become a mandatory part of web design and development for those business looking to get found.

However, a number of websites resorted to cunning use of SEO methods to woo web users to their sites…

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May 07

SEO Using Backlinks

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

I recently wrote an article on another blog that I want to point you to. There are three of us (Deontee Gordon, Dali Burgado and myself) that contribute to the Secrets To Web Success, so you get a full range of specialties.

The article I am suggesting you read if you are trying to build your organic rankings is called…

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Keyword Ranking More Important
Oct 05

Keyword Ranking Now More Important

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

Professional bloggers know the value of a good keyword ranking for the exact keyword their target market is searching for, but it just got much more important to be ranked highly for your search terms.

Google has released Google Instant, a search tool reminiscent of the Quicken style searching introduced when computers were still in their adolescence. As you type, results begin appearing. Type a bit more, the results change to show the “new information”.

Since there is no need to scroll to see additional results, searchers are focusing more on the results that appear at the top of the results page.

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Aug 01

Trackback, Pingback and Getting Found

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ , SEO

First, you need to know that it isn’t YOUR blog settings that are allowing you to trackback to another blog, but rather THEIR settings. Each blog owner has the choice to allow it or not (including you).

On Wordpress, they can turn this option on or off at Dashboard | Settings | Discussion. It is the “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)” in the Default article settings section.

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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization
May 14

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

By Earl Juanico | SEO

Sometimes a search engine optimization company will miss that obvious question posed by prospective clients and presuppose that the benefits of search engine optimization are apparent to all people. While cashing out a couple thousand on a search engine optimization operation is commonsensical to some, others may find it difficult to shell out cash unless they understand the true benefits of search engine optimization that is transmitted on to their business.

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Apr 01

Create Posts That Engage Your Readers, Attract The Search Engines and Invite Comments – Part 2

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

…The next step in creating posts that attract the search engines is making sure you do two simple things. First, you KNOW your primary keyword. And second, that you use it in each of the 9 places Google and other search engines will be looking for it.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge. Here’s the complete list of places Google and other search engines look to determine what you content is about.

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Jan 18

Headspace2 Tutorial: Exploring SEO Through Plugins

By Cenay Nailor | Featured , SEO

A recent coaching session covered the SEO benefits of installing and using Headspace2 to increase your Online Marketing and Personal Branding. As members of that call will recognize, about 45 minutes was cut from this video. All the wasted time on technical difficulties is gone. Areas where the information was repeated (as in answering questions or covering the same concept on a different part of the call) were removed or spliced together to provide a single explanation.


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Nov 17

18 WordPress Plugins I Can Not Live Without

By Cenay Nailor | Featured , Plugins , SEO , Wordpress

I have been promising a list of my personal *must have* plugins that I install on any new blog. Today, that promise is kept.

These are the plugins I install on every blog I create, regardless of niche or specialty. There are a few that I add to certain types of blogs that will won’t be discussed, but you can get more information on these in my book, the Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins.

They are listed alphabetically, not in the order of installation.

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Jul 09

SEO Tips For Your Blog Success

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

We’ve been talking for a while now about search engine optimization techniques for your small business, but mine isn’t the only voice making this primal cry.

The blogosphere rings with the cry’s of other voices extolling the virtues optimizing your site and making sure each and every post contains your keywords, a well defined description and the important SEO elements.

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May 16

SEO: Correcting A Misconception

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

Boy, I really hate it when this happens. Some *guru* will state something like “Install All In One SEO and you will be instantly found by Google”. What a load of horse-manure.

Let me correct this terrible misconception, before it destroys some small business blogger’s dream.

First and foremost, All In One SEO (AIE SEO) is a great plugin. I don’t want this post to sound like I am dissing the plugin itself. Only the guru’s accidental (?) misconception. Installing it is Step 1.

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Apr 26

SEO Love With Internal Linking

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

This short video will show you click by click and step by step exactly how to build up your internal linking structure and vote on your blog yourself.

Just to recap the basics of SEO and inbound links though, you should understand that Google counts each inbound link to your post or page as a sort of *vote*. A pledge of support or an agreement from your peers (niche partners) that your content is relevant to the topic at hand.

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Apr 21

SEO: Inbound Links Without Asking Or Spamming

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

You have started your Search Engine Optimization education and have learned that inbound links count as *votes* for your site when Google ranks you website. Come on, everyone knows this right?

So, how do you get those coveted inbound links?

You can surf for blogs in your niche that have a page rank, and contact them. You can then beg, borrow or wheedle a link from them. Good luck with that if you haven’t already established a relationship with them.

You can comment on their blog, on the posts that are most similar to the content you are posting. A good idea, but somewhat time consuming since it’s important when you comment, to add value to the conversation.

Or, you can use a built in …

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