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If you have made it this far, then I know something about you… you “get” the network marketing business model. But, no matter how fired up you are, or how successful you are at “getting” new representatives, I am willing to bet you aren’t seeing any level of “duplication” in your business.


The answer is no more complicated than this. People you signed want success, (so they say), but they aren’t committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve it. In fact, this might even be your problem. We allow people (including ourselves) to make “excuses” or have “reasons” for not doing the work. It scares the hell out of me that MY success is dependent on someone else’s “reasons” for not doing the work.

Too often, people in our industry are promoting the “fire your boss, set your own hours, build an incredible income for yourself – from home” without having the tools in place to help the people we sign up achieve that type of success. Hell, are you really doing all that?


It’s work. It’s a business. And you must be professional in your approach and methods. Just “getting” the business model isn’t enough. You have to understand what it takes to become a professional in this industry. How to add value to those that you recruit, how to train them to be able to duplicate you.

I can point you to a resource to help with this. If you join this free membership site, you will get immediate access to dozens and dozens of “live” training calls that Dani Johnson recorded that will absolutely show you exactly how to be successful in this business, your personal life, your spiritual life and any other area of your life that needs a little help. Just as important, if you plug your new recruits into the same free system, they will learn how to be successful (increasing your success as a result) and how to have their new recruits be successful. It’s kind of a “Pay It Forward” process. You learn to be successful, you plug in your recruits and they learn how to be successful and how to teach their new rep’s to do the same thing.

The more you help others achieve success, the more successful you will be. Period.

So, take a minute and click on the Work At Home Profit Zone link and sign up for a free account. Follow the getting started guide and then refer your downline, upline, crossline, friends, family and anyone else that you know will benefit from this amazing success coach. It’s about more than network marketing. It’s about success in life!

Once you have gone through a couple of the audio’s and video’s, drop back by here and let me know what you thought.


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