Maximizing Your Success With Free Tools

Network Marketing is a social “networking” site that is free to use and is not just for teeny-boppers any more. There are more than 100 Million people with profiles on MySpace, and that number is growing daily.

More and more business professionals are discovering the world of connecting with other business professionals using a “guarded gate”. MySpace has put all the tools in place to allow you to connect with others in your business, or your prospective customers, without giving out your email address. MySpace, the champion of your personal privacy, allows others to connect to you inside the “community” with tools like…

  • Friend Request
  • Add Comment
  • Send Message
  • Notify Friends
  • Instant Messaging
  • Groups

Another feature that really rocks in my book, is the “Bulletin” service. You can broadcast a message to everyone on your “friend list”. Done correctly, this allows you to market your message, white papers, articles and other helpful information to everyone on your list, by writing it one time.

Although MySpace is pretty easy to use, there is a learning curve. You can’t expect to learn everything there is to know about MySpace in an afternoon. In fact, several months later, I am still discovering new features and new ways to reach out. You also can’t expect to set it up once, and then walk away. Like any ROM (Reaching Out Method) you use, you have to be consistent in your efforts. You can’t get impatient. But done right, MySpace can be a source of prospects for both your business and your products.

I have created a MySpace profile, which you can see here. Cenay Nailor on MySpace . I invite you to come check it out, request to be my “friend”, and let me show you how to reach hundreds of people, passively but “on purpose”. Would it surprise you to know that in the last 30 days, I have gotten 32 “prospects” via a link to a capture page that people can reach from my MySpace profile?

Now, I didn’t get to that point over night. In the beginning, it was slow going… request a friend here, request a friend there. I got 2-3 requests every week or two from people who saw my profile by clicking on my picture in the comments I left for other people. Today though, I get 2-3 friend requests a day.  Today, I also received commissions on two products I am an affiliate for that sold through that capture page, while I was sleeping.

This amazing service and free method of prospecting is so cool, that I am creating a set of video’s (starting at creating your profile) that will help you get started. There are currently two videos in the set, another is almost done, and at least 10 more coming in the next couple of weeks since this is a such an involved topic.

If you would like to see the video’s, please visit my How-To Videos site at and select the “Social Networking” link in Categories. To be notified whenever I post a new video, please sign up for Notifications by completing the form on the right when you get to the page. There is also a link at the top called “Get Updates“.


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