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Those of you who followed me online over to my new Behind The Curtain blog will suspect what it is. For the rest of you…

I created a new blog on a different domain recently because this domain is hosted on a Windows plan with my hosting company. The Windows plan doesn’t allow the *pretty links* that most other self-hosted WordPress users enjoy. Not that I didn’t try … you understand.

Tech support was great, and suggested a few things for me to try. I downloaded and installed the suggestions, only to be faced with the decision to buy the “full tool”, or just move the domain to a new hosting company.

I decided to move.

I lost a lot of Alexa rank in the process. I mean a LOT.

Not to be deterred, I immediately set out to rebuild my traffic. My Google listings. My organic traffic. Things were going pretty good (more than 350K in 3 weeks) thanks to a case study on Achieving Google Page Rank and a concerted effort with a commenting strategy.

A little more than 3 weeks into the case study, I wandered by my old blog (redirected to the new one of course), only to discover in my absence, THIS blog had achieved a Google Page Rank!

Talk about heart-break. My case study has taught me one important thing that you should be aware of if you are trying to get organic traffic from Google and are depending on Google Page Rank to help. Their page rank numbers are 3-5 months old!

Yep, that’s right. I left my blog about 4 months ago. So the inactivity will show up shortly in my newly found Page Rank. Can you say “frustrated to distraction”?

Decisions, decisions.

Do I try to just move the entire domain, lock stock and barrel over to the new hosting plan? What will that do to my rankings? Does it depend on an IP address? (Cause it will change if I go to a new hosting plan). Does anyone know the answer to this?

The other reason I used a new domain rather than move this one was my “I Can Do It Myself” video site at I have something like 6 gigs of videos I have created and added to a subdomain of this one! And the other subdomain for my Grandkid Photos at with more than 3000 pictures. Or the Trips subdomain at with 300 photos and pages. We won’t even talk about the other 3 or 4 subdomains setup. Hey, I have been online a while!

I am now regretting my decision to just start on a new domain.

Talk about heart breaking. Google Page Rank in my absence (is someone trying to tell me something?). And a 5 day “move” if I try to send everything over. And what will happens during the 1-3 days it takes for the DNS servers to be updated?

I am sad.

Happy too. Google Page Rank, finally.


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