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If you’ve ever wanted to know what a "definitive" course on recruiting looks like, and what it contains, then check out the description I put together for you below.

Believe it or not, ALL of this and more will be covered IN DETAIL within Black Belt Recruiting, which is why it got such great reviews during it’s limited release a few months ago.

You’ll learn…

  • How six and seven figure network marketers close prospects on the phone without doing any "selling." (In fact, with Mark’s methods, the LESS you sell, the MORE people you sponsor!)
  • A sneaky way to get your competition to help you sponsor people into your business… without them even knowing it.
  • How to sponsor people who have already decided NOT to join your business!
  • My "wrong number" secret that lets you sponsor FAR more prospects than you are now… and with a LOT less effort.
  • Four words that will destroy your chances of sponsoring new reps — even the ones who already want to sign up! (When I stopped saying these four words — that 99% of networkers say during calls — my sponsoring rate shot through the roof.)
  • The secret of getting your prospects so "fired up" about your business you can literally sponsor them without even saying what company you’re in or what product you sell! (You may even have people call you a couple days later asking, "Ummm, what am I selling again?")
  • How to instantly "de-fang" loud and obnoxious prospects — and actually have them apologizing and pleading with you to show them the plan. (This secret works even if they were dead set against networking before!)
  • Startling facts you MUST know about sales people before you talk to them about your business. (Sales pros can be your best reps — but there’s a "trick" to talking to them if you want to sponsor them into your business.)
  • How to "position" yourself as a network marketing expert before you even sponsor your first distributor!
  • A weird (but effective) way to make money when distributors quit your team.
  • Why the best time to talk to a lead is AFTER they’ve talked to other network marketers! (If you do things "Mark’s way", you will never again worry if other networker talk to your leads — in fact, you’ll actually prefer they do.)
  • A little talked about fear every human being has… and how to use it to sponsor even the most skeptical prospects. (This tactic is often used by car salesmen, jewelers and other people who sell high ticket items. And it works even better for networkers.)

  • A brand new breakthrough (recently discovered by social scientists) that makes even total "newbies" irresistibly attractive to almost any prospect. (This incredible little secret is how some new distributors are able to sponsor dozens of people right off the bat. Here’s how they do it.)
  • How to get your prospects to ask YOU to make their decision to join your team FOR them. (This advanced recruiting technique makes sponsoring as easy as taking candy from a baby. And you will probably never hear about this anywhere else.)
  • How to get people at parties and other social gatherings to approach you and ask about your business… Without you having to say a single word!
  • In Black Belt Recruiting we’ll show you how to give yourself this "success aura" that instantly attracts new prospects to you and your business — even if you’re shy, introverted or have the personality of a toad now.
  • How to sponsor people in your local community… even if nobody likes you and everyone hates your guts.
  • Nine words that let you instantly control ANY prospecting call. (These nine words are like magic. Your prospects will feel "lucky" you even took the time to call them.)
  • Why you should almost never sponsor people who say they are "interested" in your opportunity. (I admit it — this was W-E-I-R-D when I first heard it, too. But believe it or not, when you stop sponsoring interested people, you will automatically see your sponsoring rates skyrocket.)
  • How to use an ordinary sheet of paper and a ball point pen to sponsor successful people, professionals and other business "authorities." (This has nothing to do with drawing circles or using the infamous "Benjamin Franklin close." It’s much easier than that, requires no effort whatsoever, and you will be astonished by how well it works on people used to being "in control" of conversations.)
  • How hanging up on a prospect can dramatically increase your chances of sponsoring him! (This technique works so well it’s almost spooky. Just be careful: You need to know how and when to hang up, and you can only do this with certain prospects.)
  • The one deadly mistake even experienced networkers make during three way calls that will destroy your sponsoring efforts.
  • How to talk to people you are sitting next to on a plane about your business without scaring them away. (And one simple "counter intuitive" thing you can do to get them almost begging you to show them the plan!)
  • How to get even your busiest up-line leaders to 3-way call your prospects at ANY time of the day or night. (Even if it’s 2 a.m. in the morning!)
  • When you should NOT send your prospects to a website presentation. (Even if they ask to see one!)
  • How to "recruit" your mailman to help you sponsor new prospects. (One guy recently built a huge downline in 30 days with this one secret alone. Here’s how he did it, and why you can, too.)
  • A secret way to almost guarantee your prospects don’t blow off your meetings and appointments. (This will virtually eliminate no-shows and late comers forever.)
  • How to mentally "turn the tables" on your prospects so they sell themselves on YOU… instead of you selling to them! (This amazing secret is used by every 7-figure networker on the planet. Here’s how to use it in YOUR business — no matter how experienced you are now.)
  • How to get the best and brightest prospects seeking YOU out — without spending any money on advertising. (Just use this technique Mark teaches and you’ll have people coming out of the woodwork asking about your business.)
  • The single most important thing you must do (and say) if you are talking to a highly analytical prospect.
  • The single most important thing you must do (and say) if you are talking to a highly skeptical prospect.
  • An "almost magic" way to sponsor hundreds of international reps
    before your company officially opens in their countries.
Black Belt will finally be available to the public on Tuesday, July 22nd, but in the mean time, you can actually go watch an hour long training video interview Mike Dillard did with Mark last month at his home – for free – right now on this page…

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