Do You Have The Commitment To Save Yourself?

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by Cenay Nailor (Copyright (c) 2010 )

You don’t need a crystal ball to see what’s coming. The last few years have shown us in stark relief the *state* of the economy. The *bail-outs* being discussed (ad nausium) and implemented are just one indicator. There are others:

  • Jobs American’s depend on are moving overseas at an unprecedented (and alarming) rate
  • The Federal Reserve is printing money faster than ever before
  • The housing market is suffering a catastrophic collapse
  • The foreclosure rate has reached all time highs
  • Fuel costs are rising and impacting everything from the cost of bread to Airline flights
  • The Stock Market is taking hits not unlike what happened in 1929, just days before the *depression* started

People all across America are anxiously watching the debates and listening to what the *politicians* are saying with held breath. In the private area between their ears they are wondering which candidate will save them.

I can answer that one for you. None of them.

You Are The Only One That Has The Power To Save Yourself.

For most of you, that statement has made your blood run cold. Sorry. For others of you, you are asking yourself…. *But how?*

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have been saying it for years, and the information has fallen on deaf ears. Network Marketing is a business model that does three things for you. It allows you to leverage:

  • Other people’s time
  • Other people’s money
  • Other people’s products

It takes time, yes. It takes personal effort, yes. It takes new skills, yes. But a business of this type has the power to insulate you from the terrible things going on in the business world. You only have to look at news to see what I am talking about. This was a recent post on the CNN website (Sept 15th, 2008):

NEW YORK (CNN) — Global markets were reeling Monday after a historic day on Wall Street that saw two famous names become the latest victims of the credit crunch.

The leading U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and brokerage Merrill Lynch was the subject of a $50 billion buyout by Bank of America. The fate of other big name financial institutions remained in doubt and stock prices plunged in Asia, Europe and the United States.

In New York, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 504 points down, or about 4.4 percent.

The Nasdaq composite lost 3.6 percent, its worst single-session percentage decline since March 24, 2003. It left the tech-fueled average at its lowest point since March 17 of this year.

Source: CNN

(Note: On Tuesday, October 29th, 1929, a stock market crash cost the market about 12% of it’s value. A few days before, on the 24th, it lost 6%. Over the next few months, it lost more than 85% of its value)

It’s Not All Bad

Now, I don’t mean to be all *doom and gloom*, but I wanted you to understand where I am coming from. Saving yourself takes commitment. It takes effort. And frankly, it will take some time. You didn’t get into debt overnight and you won’t get out overnight either.

But you can get out. You can save yourself from the upcoming economic upheavals if you will stop expecting others to *save you*, and start doing it yourself.

I am creating a long-term residual income for myself using the proven business model of network marketing. I am doing the work once and reaping the benefits over time. The more I build, the more insulated I am. I am willing to train you. Well, at least a few of you. Since the level of training I provide is so extensive and hands on, I can only take on a few at a time.

For the next 30 days, I am opening up my training program to 10 committed folks. You need only apply if you are committed to saving yourself. If you are wanting someone to do it for you, then go bang on the door of those promising that. I am sure you will get the help you need.

Ready To Try?

But, if you are ready to make a change for yourself, committed to doing the work required for the next 1-2 years to build a long-term leveraged residual income, then contact me and let me know why I should choose you for this program. Only 10 will be selected, so during the application process is not the time to be shy or unsure. If you know what you want, and are willing for work for it, explain how and why.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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