SlimStat: Stats Tracking For Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Traffic Tracking

Slimstat - Stats tracking for your wordpress blog

Knowing what your target audience is reading is another of the steps in the journey to web success with your WordPress blog.

There are a lot of tracking tools and plugins out there, but I wanted to introduce you to one I found which really provides some amazing insights into your traffic. You can drill into a month, week or day. You can review everything that’s happened on a single URL.

Your referring websites are listed and the search terms used to find you are displayed. I think you will be impressed with the detail this small footprint *script* yields. Want to see my stats? Check out

Want to know how long they were on your site? Where they went? How they found you? How many pages they viewed? It’s all here in this free script called SlimStat

Follow along with this video to find the software, install it on your server and get it tracking your visitors — in under 10 minutes.

ATTENTION: You can view the video full screen by clicking the mouse anywhere on the video while it’s playing.

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