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We’ve been talking for a while now about search engine optimization techniques for your small business or personal blog, but mine isn’t the only voice making this primal cry.

The blogosphere rings with the cry’s of other voices extolling the virtues optimizing your site and making sure each and every post contains your keywords, a well defined description and the important SEO elements.

I have gathered some of the best messages around the blogosphere together into one place as references for you. Each of these tips contain an important message, so take a few minutes and give them a look-see.

Why Small Business Owners Should Care About SEO

Your customers are looking for you. Can they find you?

When potential customers have a problem and need somewhere to go, they search for it. They head to their favorite search engine, type what they want and are presented with a list of results Google promises can help them. If you don’t appear in those results, you don’t exist. You miss out on the sale, the branding opportunity and the ability to convert that targeted searcher into a lifelong customer. And that’s the value that search engine optimization (SEO) brings to small businesses. It puts you in your customers’ line of sight and establishes you as an expert.

Source: Small Business Trends

9 Must Do WordPress SEO Tips That You Might Have Missed

I’m not going to talk about the much repeated permalink editing or heading changes here. Instead, I’m going to share with you some SEO tips for WordPress that you might not have bothered to check, the fine details that is. Keep in mind that some of them are the result of recent updates from Google. Let’s go.

Source: Daily SEO Blog

SEM Training: Do You Make These 14 Common SEM Errors?

There are a lot of parallels between Google AdWords and SEO, and a lot of the beginner mistakes are the same for both traffic acquisition strategies. I figured it would be worth outlining some of the most common ones to help save you money on your search engine marketing campaigns.

Source: SEO Book Blog

Warning: Do You Recognize These 21 Blogging Mistakes?

Here are a few quick mistakes that I see new bloggers making (some of which mistakes I made myself). They’re listed in no particular order and I’d love for you to continue the list in comments below:

  1. Giving up too early – blogs take time to take off
  2. Putting off starting a blog – waiting until everything is just right before launching can mean you never do it
  3. Echoing what everyone else is talking about – say something unique and share your opinion

Source: Pro Blogger

Don’t forget, there is absolutely no substitute for meaningful and valuable content. All the SEO in the world won’t help you if your potential client lands on your blog and finds nothing of value to justify their time.


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