Nussentials – The Ideal Business Opportunity

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by Cenay Nailor

Where else can you find a company that pays you top dollar to market their product and then gives 5% of company sales revenues to Children Incorporated?

I have spoken with many other multilevelers, and they agree with me, the compensation plan is far and away the most generous in the industry, even if it takes a while to understand (there are so many ways you get paid, and so many additional "bonuses" that it took me 3 hours reading the plan before I got a glimmer!).

The company is offering a host of Health and Wellness products all built around stabilized rice bran. According to a report published by the Alternative Medicine magazine, stabilized rice bran seems to be one of the most potent and accessible sources of a complex mix of phytonutrients and antioxidants. The report states:

Nutraceuticals derived from stabilized rice bran are showing enormous nutritional value. So far, the most promising uses are against diabetes, high cholesterol, liver abnormalities and cardiovascular disease.1

I personally started on the LESS! Weight Loss product and after only 3 weeks had lost an amazing 16 pounds! Now, you are talking to the queen of fast-food-unhealthy-eating-habits. I frequently forget to eat, then in a panic, do the worst thing I could, stuff myself. I had tried everything and continued to gain weight (surprised?). I even had cut out the fried foods I love so much. 3 weeks, 16 pounds and the ONLY thing I did differently this time was the LESS! product once a day. I made myself a "shake" from a glass of Rasberry Ice (Wyler’s Drink mix, only 5 calories), 1 container of Strawberry yogurt, 1 scoop of LESS! and blended with ice.

From the company website: "The mission of Nussentials is to positively impact the life experience of individuals by introducing new and revolutionary products that enhance personal health and wellness, add distinguishable quality of life, and provide financial opportunity through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives.

Nussentials provides health and wellness products based on all-natural stabilized rice bran. The products nourish your body by providing an incredibly potent mix of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The company utilizes a cooperative marketing and distribution model. Part of the direct selling industry, Nussentials distributes it’s products through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives."

Personally, I am excited to be involved with this particular company and have received enormous help and support from my mentor’s. In fact, I got my first check only two weeks after becoming a distributor thanks to their hard work in getting me up to speed!

If you are thinking of investing in yourself and your financial future with a multilevel marketing company, in my opinion, you can’t do better than Nussentials.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity and speak with some very dedicated people intent on helping you succeed, then drop by the Team Infinity landing page for their Nussentials business and complete the Request Contact form.

1. Kamen, B. 2001. Stabilized Rice Bran. Alternative Medicine, 2001 Jul:53-66.


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