3 Ways To Avoid Information Overload

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Do you ever feel like if you learn/see/hear one more thing, you brain will start leaking out of your ears? Welcome to Information Overload .

I feel your pain.

I keep hearing from all the trainers, coaches and guru’s that it’s simple . And they each list "everything" you should do to be successful.

And guess what? Their lists don’t match!

Each trainer/coach/guru lists 5-9 things you MUST do to be successful online. How do you know which is really the one that you need to do?

Well, frankly, it’s gonna depend on you. I know that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but dang-it, it’s the truth and I promised you truth above all, right from the beginning. It’s going to depend on your goals, the results you are expecting and the method you choose to give you those results.

But I digress. We are talking about how to avoid information overload.

It’s a matter of mindset, discipline and habits. When you are first starting out with a new "[tag-self]prospecting[/tag-self]" method like using the Internet, you need to do some research, explore your options and then pick one .

Notice I didn’t say buy every book or product out there to teach yourself, nor did I say read only one . You do need an overview of what’s possible. And you need to know who is doing it successfully. But in the end, you need to choose one thing and then master it. Test it. Track it. Apply it. Study it. Don’t move onto the next "method" or "process", until you have the first one "down pat".

Trust me, I know it will be tempting to spend all your time researching, buying books that promise you 3 simple steps to financial freedom or listening to training calls from marketing guru’s morning, noon and night. But do you know why it will be tempting? Because if you are still researching and studying, you aren’t doing .

If you aren’t doing, you aren’t failing. Can you say "comfort zone"?

Listen, the number ONE reason you will succeed in this (or any) business, isn’t the marketing method, or the capture page, or the autoresponder (although these are all important pieces of the puzzle). No, the number one reason you will succeed, is because you took action. Massive action. Focused action. And you can’t do that if you are still chasing the hype.

There are thousands, no – tens of thousands of people on the Internet today, all hawking their "get rich quick" products, books and training courses. Each one promises you that you can quit your day job, fire your boss and retire in 1 year.

Tell me . . . in your heart . . . do you really think that is possible?

Nope, me either.

Success requires work. Anyone who tells you they have a system you just have to join to be massively wealthy overnight is flat out lying to you. But, I digress again. Sorry for the rant.

To Avoid Information Overload

1. (Focus ) Train yourself to look at one thing at a time. For example, if you are building a list using free traffic techniques, focus on that. All your efforts should be on that one thing until you can do it in your sleep.

2. (Consistency ) Train yourself to be consistent. You can’t succeed doing something only when you have extra time , or when everything else "pressing" is done. Allocate [X] minutes/hours per day for that task, and do it. No matter what.

Not doing it is only hurting you.

Don’t let obligations to others short-change you . If you are spending all your time doing something for someone else, who is growing your business? Short Answer? No one .

3. (Action ) Train yourself to be action oriented. If you are lying awake at night and an idea about how to do (better) what you are trying to do flitters across your brain, do it. The very next day. Take action. Even if it’s wrong action, it’s still got value to you, especially if you are tracking and testing like you should be. It is teaching you what doesn’t work .

You should have noticed that all three things I listed involved the word "Train ". That’s not an accident. You control your success or failure. No one else. Do you want it? Then train for it.

Alright, this post turned into a kind of a rant, and I am sorry about that. I just get so frustrated when I start mentoring someone and they come to the "table" with 43 eBooks, 14 DVD’s and 29 CD’s but not one single "action" under their belts.

I blame it on Information Overload.


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