How To Make Your Readers Think You Are Psychic!

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I recently installed a plugin I found called Psychic Search and was going to explain exactly how I use it to make readers think I am psychic, when I stumbled across another blogger who had already explained it.

So I will just point you to the her post. Monika Mundell wrote the following…

Pawan Agrawal over at MaxBlogPress has released some great Plugins as of late. One of these is the Psychic Search Plugin that turns you into a psychic that knows what your blog readers want from you.

Imagine The Power Of Knowing What Your Readers Want

When you download the Psychic Search Plugin it will become easier to satisfy your readers by providing the content that they were looking for in the first place. With every search that is performed on your blog you will know exactly what visitors were looking for.

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Thanks Monika for a great post! (And for saving me some work =) By the way, Monika’s blog is one I read pretty regularly since she focuses on WordPress blogging. If you are considering a blog using WordPress, you should check out her blog.


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