Can Google Help With Your SEO?


I know, it’s a little hard to believe, right? The search giant wants to help little ole me understand and leverage Search Engine Optimization for my small business?

In a word… Yes.

Google has created a new channel on another mega-giant, YouTUBE. It’s called the Google Web Master Central channel, and they are uploading videos made by the actual geeks that are building code within the Google-plex. In fact, they are also responding to questions and comments left on a video in new videos.

Ever wished you just could ask Google “Is Google putting more weight on brands in rankings?”. Now you can.

There’s a serious number of video’s online already, all nicely arranged into playlists so related videos’ are grouped together. There are videos that covers how sites are displayed in Google search results and that introduces other useful Google resources for webmasters.

Search engine optimization is sometimes a daunting task for small businesses without a large SEO budget to hire firms to manage it for them, but it just got a little easier. Check out the Google Web Master Central channel on YouTUBE, and get the answers you are looking for — right from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I wonder if Google will find this post and be mad that I compared them to a horse? Hmmm.

Below, is a one of the videos in the Google for Webmasters series. Do yourself a favor and book mark the Google channel and check in often. SEO as taught by the master of it? Oh yeah.

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