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...another Geeky article by Cenay Nailor

Win Free Software – Best Comment Wins

I recently completed a new piece of software for a really great client that I am pretty proud of. In the short time it’s been out, it has achieved a great reputation within it’s market and has been voted the #1 software of it’s kind for 2009.

To celebrate, and to make things interesting, the client has given me 5 copies to *give away* to whomever I want.

My faithful followers and Tweeter friends, you just stumbled into a great opportunity.

I have decided to hold a contest and award 5 lucky readers a copy of the software, no strings attached, with our compliments. So, keep reading to see how to enter.

What the *Prize* Is

First, let’s talk about what the prize is. I pulled this from the Personal Financial Statement Software sales page over on Jim’s site.

And though the reading is a little dry, the concept is pretty simple. If you need a way to produce (and maintain) professional looking Personal Financial Statements, this easy to use software is pretty slick (even if I do say so myself). At the bottom of the post, I included a short video on the power, features and ease of use which should get your saliva glands working over time.

Personal Financial Statement Software

Create your own professional looking personal financial statement today with our #1 rated software. Our powerful, yet easy-to-use software lets you complete and maintain your personal financial statement quickly and easily.

Personal financial statement software is used by those who are:

  • Looking to obtain loans
  • Buy real estate
  • Evaluate estate planning goals
  • Filing for divorce
  • Need itemized personal financial information

The Contest Rules

Yeah, I know, we all hate rules. But, we have to have at least an outline of what it takes to win your copy of the Personal Financial Statement Software, so listen up.

In the comments area of this post, provide one of the following:

  1. A short reason to use PFS, that isn’t listed above.
  2. An unusual reason that a personal financial statement can be used
  3. The best headline you can think of to *entice* someone to buy the software
  4. Compelling *copy* that demonstrates the power of the software

Please also include your basic computer setup, operating system used and your #1 reason for wanting or needing the Personal Financial Statement software

And just for the record, I will admit a shameless bid to ramp up the sales page for Jim by using the comments this post will hopefully generate. And no, also for the record, you probably won’t get credit for it! But I really value your opinion, comments, suggestions and input.

So, watch the demo video below, and post your comments. The best FIVE will be selected and the winners will receive a special link to download their fully licensed (non-trial) version. I am looking forward to seeing your creative comments!

View Full screen video in a new window (800×600)

PS: Final note: We have to have a deadline, so how about 1 week? Winners will be announced after a review of all the comments with the cut off date being Friday, May 15th. Good luck!

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  2. Okay, I’m impressed. Even if it is for the American market! Unfortunately because I have no idea of how your financial dealings operate over there, I can’t really comment fully. But if this was in UK language (and doesn’t look to me like it would need much changing in the wording), there’d be a whole bunch of folks wanting to “fire their accountants as well as their boss”.

  3. Okay, getting some Tweets (which is good!), but not really getting you guys to actually *enter* the content.

    Where are all my copywriting buddies and guru’s? Come on guys… show me the magic!

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  6. 1. Most people have NO IDEA how much they are actually worth. This software would show the FACTS about their REAL financial worth and this may well change their entire strategy for their future! (Sad fact: most people in the U.S.A. are “worth” a MINUS figure!!!)

    2. A personal financial statement can be used to entice a gold-digging super-model (male OR female) to marry you! :) (or your current spouse to divorce you!!!)

    3. “Show the World What You’re REALLY Worth With This Amazing New Software”

    4. “This one incredible piece of software will help you buy real estate, secure your financial future, AND help protect you if you have to get a divorce!”

    Luke Hawthornes last blog post..Firefox Now Has FTP Capability

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