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If you are doing any type of marketing from your small business blog, I have a cool little trick that will help you *engage* your readers that isn’t quite as obvious as a 250 x 250 *ad* placed in front of them. They don’t see those unless they are specifically looking for a solution.

It’s called a Page Peel effect, and it allows you to place an ad *under* your page. If the reader clicks the little link in the upper right hand corner, it opens the whole ad in a unique and *fun* peel away effect.

This video will show you where to get the code, how to update your theme and install it on your domain. I was able to find, install, edit, upload AND record in the video in under 10 minutes. Don’t believe me? Grab a stop watch and let’s go. Press play on the video below.

I originally posted this over on one of my other blogs, so I will just include a link. Pop on over to get the skinny on exactly how I added the Page Peel effect to this blog. I even show you where to get it yourself, and the code changes you need to make it work on your site.

Source: Secrets To Web Success | Add Page Peel Effect To Your Blog


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