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People Are Awesome

A friend shared a video with me tonight, and I simply had to stop what I was doing and post it on my blog. This is not my normal type of video, but I think you will love it.

This compilation video is a series of amazing people doing incredible things. It’s set to some very upbeat music (“Mecha Love” by Hadouken) which got my toes tapping and my fingers snapping.

I promise you, you will be holding your breath for a few of these stunts. This video left me breathless! Enjoy.

Thanks Carol, this is one amazing and awesome video.

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  2. Yes that is quite a video for sure. I’ve wondered, each time I see these amazing type oif stunts, how do they practice for the stunt and, what happens to the ones that don’t make it. The ones that don’t make it are probably the ones we see on that CMT video show, I forget the name of it, but it’s with Bill (Here’s your sign) guy. Really enjoyed this video.

  3. Thanks Willie and Bill. And Bill, you have nothing to be envious of, I have seen your blogs and they rock!

    You guys take care and check back soon.

    BTW: See my new WoW blog? (World of Warcraft) It’s somewhat new, but just landed on the first page of Google for “world of warcraft info”. Yep, last entry on page, but hey! It’s the first page!

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