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Now, before you run off thinking I have gone all “Law of Attraction” or “Zen” on you, take a moment. This is a fun video from a group I really enjoy on YouTube called Pomplamoose. They take fun songs, and create a really unique music videos showing every note, every beat and each guitar lick or piano key.

In this video, they did something a little different (for them) and added in some of those “Law of Attraction” style message.

As someone who is suffering a little IM burnout this month, I found new motivation in the message. I am hoping you do as well. And remember… it doesn’t happen overnight, but each day, you must take a single step forward.

After watching the video I realized I haven’t even hit my full stride. In fact, I am still taking baby steps because I am worried someone (Who that someone is I am not sure) will judge me. Sheeesh. Talk about motivation killing.


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