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I’ve been called a lot of things, but the thing that comes closest is “Geek”. I love using technology to build a brand, market a brick and mortar business or promote a product or service.

I especially like helping others do the same thing.

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Build websites and blogs that reach out to customers. I teach and train others how to do it as well. I also make how to videos and coach business owners 1 on 1 in various technologies.

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Some of my most recent projects are displayed here. Want to get a feel for what’s possible? From WordPress theme customizations to HTML sites from scratch, explore my portfolio and feel free to ask questions!

Custom solutions also available, just ask!

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Are you looking for a WordPress professional who can provide you with expert WordPress consulting and development services? Do you need experienced WordPress developer for your custom project? Or just want a static HTML site with cool features to capture the eye of your future customers? Use this form to request a quote on your custom project.
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WordPress, Blogging, Defending Your Blog and much more.

Team Infiniti’s Blog Just Started

The Nussentials team of wealth builders I belong to has just started a new Blog. This will be a gathering place for like-minded individuals either interested in Network Marketing for the first time, or looking to improve their skills, contacts and tool arsenal. I invite you to check out their Blog and leave your comments. Infiniti Team Blog

Driving Traffic To Your Business Opportunity

I guess you would have to have been living under a rock (or just not surfing the Internet) for the past two years to NOT know about Google's Adwords feature, but I thought I would spend a few minutes explaining how to drive traffic to your business opportunity page. While there are a few methods (we will cover them all in later posts) to do this, none is as quick or effective as using one of the largest *in-place* methods available, Google Adwords. Here's how it works... you research what keywords you want to advertise for (keywords are what the people searching Google use to get results), build an ad, bid on the keywords and then turn on the tap. Instant traffic flows to your web site. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Your Key To Success In Network Marketing

If you have spent any time within the Network Marketing world, you know the value of that statement. For those of you just starting out, let me let you in on a little secret... it PAYS you big dividends to spend the time TEACHING your downline to duplicate your success. In fact, if you do nothing else, you will still come out ahead. Why? Because ensuring the success of your downline guarantees the success of your business. You see, a lot of the "heavy-hitters" will tell you to "recruit, recruit, recruit" but getting people signed up under you is only a small (tiny) part of your success. Let's say you recruit 30 people but don't teach them how to duplicate your success. What happens?

Marketing To The Four Personality Types

There are four primary personality types that you will be marketing to. In 1921, Dr Carl Jung wrote the most detailed book ever on this subject. He called the four personality types Feeler, Sensor, Thinker and Intuitive. Later, Florence Littauer named them Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy and Choleric. That's rather dry, so I prefer to use colors to help me remember them.

MLM – Behind The Curtain
Is that a wizard I see?

Welcome to the first installment of my new MLM Behind The Curtain blog. Here I will offer never before discussed "behind-the-scenes" methods the "top-guns" use to build their incredible success. It's not like they lied or anything, they just keep the best techniques quiet with no fan-fair. Have you ever wondered how some new guy comes into the organization, and within a week is the newest top-earner?