This Was A LOT Easier 30 Years Ago

By Cenay Nailor | Life & Ramblings

Jun 28

Some of you know me personally. As in come over to my house or speak with me on the phone. For those of you, I have this message… This was SOOOO much easier 30 years ago.

For those of you not in my immediate circle (don’t you wish you were?), let me explain.

I just had to move. Suddenly. My daughter just had to move. Suddenly. I managed (with a lot of help from some really good friends) to get the majority of my things packed and moved into the new house. The remainder placed in storage. I am organized after all. My daughter’s move was scheduled the weekend following mine…

…it didn’t go as well.

Britene got everything packed, we got the u-Haul loaded and drove over to the new house. Ooops. The power company has decided it will not turn on the power (that was just disconnected the day before) because the breaker box is not up to code.

Time for Plan B.

We unloaded the U-Haul with every single thing Britene owned onto the upper deck of her soon-to-be-husband’s house. The one he has been remodeling. The one under construction. Crap.

Time to pull out all the stops and get the bottom floor ready for habitation. It just needs the electrical fixtures installed, and the wood floor installed. No problem.

Now to the part that was so much easier 30 years (and more than a few pounds) ago… construction. Cutting, fitting, bending, lifting, hammering, sawing, and generally doing the handy things I loved doing in my younger days as a trim carpenter.

I can’t decide if its the weight or the age that hurts worse. Not being able to comfortably do something I love? It’s time to lose weight and get back in shape. 49 isn’t that old, right?

So, in case you were wondering where my posts are, each night these past two weeks, I am too tired to sit at the computer. In fact, my body aches and cries and whimpers. I have to put it to bed early. I miss you dear reader. I will return soon.


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Hey Cenay. I really do feel for you. My wife wants us to move………again, and she’s finally convinced me. Now it’s just a matter of selling THIS house.

Why DOES everything ache at this age????

Anyway, I always look forward to your posts, because they are not only amusing, but also the most informative stuff out there.

Don’t forget the Bengay!!



Actually, it’s Absorbine Jr for me. Fast absorbing, fast acting and the smell reminds me I was active and hurt for a reason. And at my weight, ANY reason to hurt because of activity should be a good thing right?

It hurts sooooooo good.

Thanks for stopping by Luke. Hope all is well in your world. Let me know about the move. Heading north into cooler country? =)


Hi Cenay, I can totally understand what you are talking about.
To me it’s very simple. It’s the computer’s fault. At age 65 or is it 66 anyway I know that if I do anything too physical I will pay for it over the next 3 days or so. Part of it is age and the rest is the time we spend at the computer instead of out doing something physical or some sort of exercise. Anyway that’s my 2 cents. Hope you are approaching completion of your project. Not an easy task to be sure. All the best.


This has been a real eye-opener for me. 26 years sitting in a computer chair has taken its toll. I will making some changes in exercise, supplements, activities and diet. This is just plain ridiculous.


I didn’t realize you had moved. What a hard thing. And it sounds like you have done it twice in a row, with moving your daughter, too. Hang in there. You’re not as old as you feel right now.


Lol, sorry I’m a bit late to this post petal. But oh, do I know you feel. I’ve just done with decorating my bathroom and instead of taking a few hours, it took 3 days.

I keep telling myself it’s my age, but I know plenty of folks older than me who are just a damn sight fitter. Computers have a lot to answer for. Along with chocolate!

Let me know how the diet goes. I’d be interested in any tips you might want to pass on my way.

Take care

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