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Feb 05

Technical Difficulties? Yep, Even Geeks Have Them

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

In fact, we probably have them more often since we tend to *boldly go where no man has gone before*.

This week has been a week of just such difficulties. Some were self-induced (and therefore I have no one to blame, throw sticks at or give the evil eye), and some were brought on by outside influences. (Dare I say *hacker*?)

So, my apologies.. on the eve (so to speak) of a major launch, my site is in the toilet. If you visited and got a perfectly white page and nothing else, don’t worry, it’s not you. You have stepped off into the…

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Jun 11

WordPress Tweaks

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

As I get more proficient with blogging, I am finding more and more really cool plugins and tools to help. One such plugin that I found recently was sooooo way cool, I just had to share it in it’s own post. (Come on, you knew I was a Wordpress Plugin Junkie, right?)

WordPress Tweaks is a plugin that adds a "Tweaks" page to your WordPress options. Each individual tweak can be enabled/disabled at will using a checkbox.

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