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I’ve been called a lot of things, but the thing that comes closest is “Geek”. I love using technology to build a brand, market a brick and mortar business or promote a product or service.

I especially like helping others do the same thing.

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Build websites and blogs that reach out to customers. I teach and train others how to do it as well. I also make how to videos and coach business owners 1 on 1 in various technologies.

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Some of my most recent projects are displayed here. Want to get a feel for what’s possible? From WordPress theme customizations to HTML sites from scratch, explore my portfolio and feel free to ask questions!

Custom solutions also available, just ask!

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Are you looking for a WordPress professional who can provide you with expert WordPress consulting and development services? Do you need experienced WordPress developer for your custom project? Or just want a static HTML site with cool features to capture the eye of your future customers? Use this form to request a quote on your custom project.
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WordPress, Blogging, Defending Your Blog and much more.

What The Hell Google?

So, I know I've been busy (like a one armed paper hanger). But really, when did Google decide to stop letting me know what keywords were used to find my site?

Apparently it was October 18, 2011, when Google announced some big news for website owners. "Going forward, when a search is made on a secure Google webpage and the result clicked, the..

SEO and Online Marketing: Working Together

A successful online business will have a few things in common, but first, here are a couple of concepts you really need to be clear on. You can build the very best website on the planet, but unless people can find it, you won't sell a thing. You can get hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your site every day, but unless you are offering what they are looking for, you won't sell a thing. Both of these concepts are what search engine optimization is all about.

Image Slider, Editing & Resizing with Pixlr

Using an Online Photo Editor called Pixlr, a little forethought, and some creative license, I step you through the process of taking every day photo's and getting a unique image slide show that supports your blog content, and helps the reader connect with your message.

Can Your Site Survive A Digg?

server-meltdown.jpgMost bloggers blog away, and slowly -- over time -- build up their readership. They are rocking along on a hosting company pretty much like everyone else's and not giving much thought to bandwidth or page views. Oh sure, we all want more, I mean who doesn't want more page views? But what happens to your site if suddenly, with no warning -- 30 thousand people show up? It can happen if you land on the front page of Digg. That's right... just one great blog post that goes viral, and they could literally be beating down your virtual door.
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