Who I Am

I’ve been called a lot of things, but the thing that comes closest is “Geek”. I love using technology to build a brand, market a brick and mortar business or promote a product or service.

I especially like helping others do the same thing.

What I Do

Build websites and blogs that reach out to customers. I teach and train others how to do it as well. I also make how to videos and coach business owners 1 on 1 in various technologies.

How can I help you?

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Some of my projects are displayed here. Want to get a feel for what’s possible? From WordPress custom themes to HTML sites from scratch, explore and feel free to ask questions!

Custom solutions also available, just ask!

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Though I do have a variety of "packages" that might work for you, website development isn't a one size fit's all sorta thing. If you don't see what you need in my services area, feel free to answer a few simple questions and let me send you a custom quote for exactly what you need. Not sure what you need? Book a 30 minute free consultation and let's discuss it one on one.

Customer Comments and Insights


"..blog is already indexed and on the first page!"

“Well, as I’m probably the dummy of all dummies, I should thank you first off for making it simple enough even for me to understand. I actually just set up a new blog and used your book to choose which plugins to install. As you know WP used to terrify me, but these plugins make it a breeze.

But the best part – the blog is already indexed and showing on the first page of results for some pretty cool keywords! Not bad considering it’s only been ‘live’ for a couple of weeks. I’ve always known you were a star with WP but this guide is going to make the rest of us WP stars too – time to watch your back girl!”

Susan Coils - Graphic Designer

"You are amazing!"

You had my WordPress problem fixed before I was even finished asking for your help in our email exchanges. I would recommend your services to anyone. Please feel free to use me as a reference. And please don’t ever go away. I don’t know what I would do without you!

Thanks again

Anne Kadin - Portland Home Source

"I am so glad I found you.."

You advertise very accurately on your website — our session (and your whole personality) were exactly what I had expected. You made things fun & easy to understand, and you never made me feel like an idiot for being clueless. :) I really needed this. I didn’t want a person talking down to me or going too fast.

I recall one of your clients writing a positive review saying they knew absolutely nothing, and you never made them feel bad. I remember thinking, I NEED HER! And that’s what I got! I am so glad I found you, and I feel a lot more confident having a pro like you on my side to call on as I build my site. (You have no idea!)

Ainsley Di Duca - PhD

Recently Published

WordPress, SEO, Blogging, Branding, Finding New Customers

5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Site

So you've launched your blog and setup your very own WordPress website - now all you need to do is create lots of engaging content, sit back, and watch your audience grow, right?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Stop Fighting WordPress Updates Before You Break Something

You've heard me rant and rave about WordPress on many of the articles published here. This post won't be much different in fact. I still love WordPress like no other self-publishing content management system out there. The world wide web agrees with me with statistics about the popularity of the WordPress platform.

WordPress is what I teach my 1 on 1 coaching students who want to learn blogging, online branding and building traffic to their small business websites.

10 Authentic Ways Of Getting More Traffic
I was recently doing some research on additional ways to get traffic to a website landing page for an upcoming project. I feel like I stepped off into the rabbit hole. Yeah, there's a LOT of information on the web about getting and driving traffic. So, to help me see the process and organize my thinking, I created a MindMap as I came across information. It wound up being broken into 10 different ways of pulling in traffic. And while a couple of them aren't directly about driving traffic (like testing and tracking), without these steps, you're spitting into the wind.
Are Your Images Going To Get You In Trouble?

Recently a client of mine received a letter informing him that one of the images we placed on the site, was copyrighted, and he needed to pay the penalty fee for it's use without permission, and then purchase the rights to the image to keep the image on the site.

Wait, what?

During the course of the research into the issue, he discovered suing people for penalties has become a business model.

Examples of Signature Lines (Forums)

It's a social world now a-days, with people spending more time in forum's, discussion groups and in their email program. Did you know that each of these places can send free traffic to your web site?

If you read any posts in a forum or joined in a conversation in a discussion group, I know you have seen them, those small blurbs at the bottom of each post. Perhaps you just didn't know how to create them.

What The Hell Google?

So, I know I've been busy (like a one armed paper hanger). But really, when did Google decide to stop letting me know what keywords were used to find my site?

Apparently it was October 18, 2011, when Google announced some big news for website owners. "Going forward, when a search is made on a secure Google webpage and the result clicked, the..

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