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Who I Am

Yep, I’m a geek.

A techno-nerd of the geeky variety with her nose stuck to a computer monitor almost every where I go. Well, except when I am out riding quad’s or motorcycles. But that’s only because I get motion sickness trying to read the screen while bouncing down the trail.

Nope. Not kidding.

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What I Do

Build websites and blogs. Teach. Train. Make how to videos. Coach. Brand. SEO websites. If it’s geeky, I am all over it.

I particularly like the 1 on 1 coaching since I get a real charge out of watching someone start a task they don’t believe they can do, and then do it really well.

I love my job. I love building websites and blogs. I love creating. How can I help you?

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Contact Me

Please use ths page to contact me for ANY reason. Suggestion, complaints, hints, tips, questions or just to say hi! Need a quote? Want to know if I can help?

Reach me here. Want to ask a question? I might feature the answer on my FAQ section.

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My Portfolio of Work