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For those of you who are just starting to wonder what in the world *Twitter* or *Web 2.0* are, I found a quickie video that explains it, in plain English. I have started Twitter-ing myself, and found the short personal posts help get to know someone within my circle.

Called Micro-Blogging, Twitter allows you to post short (only 160 characters) to a Web 2.0 style community of followers, letting them know exactly what you are doing within the Web 2.0 world.

In addition to being fun to watch what others are doing, Twitter let’s me see exactly who is active online and working within the same field/industry I am. I get hints, tips and laughs out of Twitter.

Want to *Follow Me* on Twitter? Click this link –> Cenay On Twitter and then click *Follow*. Looking forward to seeing what YOU are doing.


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