Blogging Is Fun – Did You Know It Could Be Profitable?

Monetizing Your Blog

Actually, I am pretty sure that if you have been blogging for any length of time, you already know this. I just thought I would remind you, in case you weren’t yet doing anything about it. There are company’s out there that will pay you to blog. You can add Google’s Adsense code and be paid by advertisers that place ad’s on your pages and you can offer a product from your blog, even if you don’t have one!

“How can I offer a product if I don’t have one?”

You know, I am glad you asked. There are thousands of people out there that DO have a product they want to offer, and are willing to pay you a commission if you “get the sale”. This is called “Affiliate Marketing”. Clickbank is one of the biggest “programs” out there that offer up these products and handle all the accounting. You just create a free Clickbank account, tell them where to send the money, and then find a product to offer. Take a little care here, there are literally tens of thousands of products and many won’t be a “match” for your blog, particularly if you are blogging about network marketing.

Found your product? Cool, just blog about it, include a link to the “landing page” that the product is offered on. This link will have your “affiliate id” embedded. Remember that Clickbank setup you did? When you “got your link”, Clickbank “assigned” the sale to you within the link. Now, just post it.

When someone comes to your blog, reads your post, clicks the link and buys the product, Clickbank pays you the commission on the sale.

HINT: Do not offer products unrelated to your blog topic or that you haven’t used or wouldn’t recommend to a friend. Why? Well, you don’t want to lose your readership because you offered a bum-steer if you know what I mean. Do your due-diligence and make sure the offer is a good one.

QUESTION: Cenay, why don’t you take your own advice and offer us products?

ANSWER: Another good question, and I probably will in the future. But for now, I am trying to build my credibility. So, please note, you don’t want to be too commercialized or you will turn your readership off. When I do recommend a product, I want it to matter.


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