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Using Google As Your Personal Research Assistant

Today, I wanted to remind you about a research tool I had mentioned previously. In fact, I created a video about this topic. So, just in case you aren’t using this wonderful tool to help you research something you are interested in, or a market you want to enter, let me bring back “Google As Your Research Assistant”.

I want to show you a technique you can use to have Google be your personal research assistant, tell you what it is indexing, and keep you up to date on key terms in your niche or industry.

It’s called Google Alerts, and it’s a free service. I use it to monitor several terms myself. Google email’s me once a day (a setting I chose, I could have also said “as-it-happens” or “once a week” as well) whenever that term shows up. You can have an unlimited number of search terms you are monitoring.

I created a video demonstrating how easy it is to setup, which you can see by clicking the image below.


The video is a little blurry due to the size. You can see a full-sized version on my video site at http://www.videos.bycenay.com

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