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SEO Makeover: Case Study Winners

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Well, I have to tell you that choosing the 5 blogs for an SEO Makeover was tough. I wanted to help them all. In the end though, I went with almost purely scientific factors in deciding The Five . I wanted as wide a variety as possible, so no two blogs are in the same niche.

And to those that asked, but were not accepted as one of the blogs in the case study… my apologies. I hope you will follow the published results of the case study so you can increase your traffic yourself. I believe there will be quite a few pointers and more than a little direct SEO advice.

And The Winners Are…

I will be contacting each of the winners over the next week or so (if you are a winner, please shoot me an email) and establishing the rules, seting up the FTP stuff and scheduling the time. I have also selected two alternates, in the event one of the winners is unable to meet the requirements or can’t commit the time it will take to get rolling.

So, check back often, or better yet, sign up for the RSS feed via email, and have the new posts sent right to your inbox. The next 9 weeks is certainly going to be an education!

5 Responses

  1. I have to say Cenay that is “Branding” of the highest quality. It will be a rewarding experience for those individuals involved in the process and I am sure that they will benefit immensely from your tutelage.

    I will make sure that I keep abreast of the program from the outset.

    Abundant friendship


  2. Congratulations again to those that *won*. We will see how you feel about that next week when the work starts!

    Although this is a case study on using certain plugins, I can’t help but think it will also be an education in marketing yourself via your online presence. (Hey, that’s what I do!)

    So, fasten your seat belts and those who haven’t heard from me, drop me a line.


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