SEO: Is Your Blog Search Engine Friendly?

By Cenay Nailor | SEO

May 20

I recently came across a short *Check List* to help you determine if your site is *SEO Friendly*. I am including that list and a couple of additional notes here. Use this checklist each time you post new content, and you will get *found* much faster.

  • Is the Title appropriate to the content? Does it let the reader know what is contained within and does it build interest or ask a question?
  • Is the Title unique for each page or post? (Duplicate titles only confuse your readers and Google)
  • Is there at least one Hx Tag with your primary or secondary keywords?
  • Are URLs User friendly? Are they short enough to be memorable and contain one or more keyword
  • Is the content really worth linking to? Is it valuable in some way to the reader or search engines?
  • Have I avoided all the blackhat SEO methods like hidden text and keyword stuffing?
  • Is my post or page visually appealing?
  • Do I have a Sitemap for the search engines (XML) and another for the readers?
  • Is the robots.txt file correct and not blocking any needed url?
  • Are any meta tags stopping Google from indexing anything which needs indexing?
  • Are the meta keyword and description tags there for all pages?
  • Are the alt tags of any images descriptive to both the content and the purpose?
  • Have you added rel=”nofollow” to all external and internal non content links ?

I would add:

  • Have you completed the All In One SEO or Headspace2 (depending on your preference) additional fields that increase your SEO on each post?
  • Did you include your primary and secondary keywords in the description?
  • Did you build your custom, hand-crafted HTML rich *Excerpt*?

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Your comment, “Did you build your custom, hand-crafted HTML rich *Excerpt*? ” I’m not sure what you mean about that. I usually just paste in the first part of my post there. Is that wrong? Can you explain more fully? Thanks.


@Bazi Juice dean – Happy to expand on this…

Basically, the default excerpt that WordPress creates for you (for archive and category pages in most WP themes), stripes out all the HTML, bullet lists, bolding or any special formatting so you are left with a single-all-run-together blog of text that really doesn’t do much to entice your readers to click the link and read the rest.

However, the excerpt *field* on the new post (edit as well) allows you to create a beautifully formatted teaser. It doesn’t HAVE to be the first couple of sentences in your post either. It can be a statement of the benefit of reading the post, or a question that the post answers.

I also like to include images (aligned left) within my excerpt which WP default excerpting doesn’t allow, even if a photo is the very first thing in your post.

One thing I tell my coaching students who are not big on HTML is to use the visual editor of the post to construct their excerpt text, images (etc), then switch to the HTML tab, cut and paste the hand-crafted excerpt into the excerpt field and remove the extra text/images from the post — all prior to posting of course.

I hope this answers your question Dean.


@Cenay Nailor – Thanks Cenay, I appreciate your feedback and advice. Awesome!

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