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Things You Think : A Lesson In Motivation

Now, before you run off thinking I have gone all “Law of Attraction” or “Zen” on you, take a moment. This is a fun video from a group I really enjoy on YouTube called Pomplamoose. They take fun songs, and create a really unique music videos showing every note, every beat and each guitar lick or piano key.

In this video, they did something a little different (for them) and added in some of those “Law of Attraction” style message.

As someone who is suffering a little IM burnout this month, I found new motivation in the message. I am hoping you do as well. And remember… it doesn’t happen overnight, but each day, you must take a single step forward.

After watching the video I realized I haven’t even hit my full stride. In fact, I am still taking baby steps because I am worried someone (Who that someone is I am not sure) will judge me. Sheeesh. Talk about motivation killing.

2 Responses

  1. This is kind of a departure from the norm for you and I absolutely loved it.

    And, yes, you have already been judged.

    You were found to be wildly talented, unusually helpful to others, insanely intelligent and extremely hard working.

    Now go kick some IM butt! Take no prisoners.

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