Technical Difficulties? Yep, Even Geeks Have Them

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Feb 05

In fact, we probably have technical difficulties more often since we tend to *boldly go where no man has gone before*.

This week has been a week of just such difficulties. Some were self-induced (and therefore I have no one to blame, throw sticks at or give the evil eye), and some were brought on by outside influences. (Dare I say *hacker*?)

So, my apologies.. on the eve (so to speak) of a major launch, my site is in the toilet. If you visited and got a perfectly white page and nothing else, don’t worry, it’s not you. You have stepped off into the Twilight Zone called *Blogging Cenay style*.

I appear to be back up and running, though some stat’s are gone and one or two plugins are no longer is present. And strangest of all, my completely upgraded 2.7 WordPress installation reverted to 2.6.3. Go figure.

Couple of hints if your blog goes wonky:

  • Try accessing pages individually…are they still there?
  • Try to connect to your blog’s database using a tool like MySQL Query browser
  • If you recently installed a plugin, try deleting it with your FTP client
  • If all else fails, contact some type of Tech-Support

You are backing up your blog’s database, right? In the event things go terribly wrong, having your database backed up each night and sent to your email account, is a great safety net.


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I had a similar problem myself this Wednesday Cenay.

A Microsoft update decided it wanted to keep installing itself repeatedly and finally my PC gave up and crashed.

The ONLY thing that saved the day (and restored my computer) is the fact that I’d backed up everything to an external drive. My Lenovo/IBM has a great quick restore feature, but without my backed-up files and programs, I would have been “toast”.

I’ve since turned automatic updates off!

I’ve yet to be hacked, but I believe that while updates are being installed, a PC is vulnerable to external threats. I don’t know if this is a fact. I now install updates manually and turn off my internet connection while I’m doing so.


Lukes last blog post..Quote Of The Week


Luke, I have my automatic updates set to notify me when it finds something it thinks I need to install. Period.

I take control of choosing what I download and then later choose what I install, in what order, and when.

Each new *update* contains an explanation of what it is, and a link to read more about it. I always follow those to see if I actually *need* the update or not.

For example, I do not use (nor do I have NetMeeting installed), so why would I want to *update* it?

Just my two cents worth.

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