Stop Fighting WordPress Updates Before You Break Something

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Oct 12

You’ve heard me rant and rave about WordPress and WordPress updates on many of the articles published here. This post won’t be much different in fact. I still love WordPress like no other self-publishing content management system out there. The world wide web agrees with me with statistics about the popularity of the WordPress platform.

WordPress is what I teach my 1 on 1 coaching students who want to learn blogging, online branding and building traffic to their small business websites.

But I’m getting a lot of complaints from them about how “hard it is” to do WordPress updates, and keep the plugins and themes current. And it doesn’t matter if it’s easy to me, my clients don’t feel the same way. So I decided to do something about that.

Outsource Your WordPress Updates

I created a new “service plan” that allows my clients to “outsource” the part of managing their blog that they didn’t like. To me. I call it WordPress Maintenance and for a simple $12 per month, I will monitor and update all plugins and themes installed, as well as keep the WordPress version the latest (most secure) version.

This new service also includes keeping the plugins playing nice so they don’t break something. How many times have you updated a plugin and had it break something else? Or have the plugin you just updated, stop working altogether?

Well, no more. Just click the “Add to cart” button below and let me get started updating, monitoring and managing the updates you need to stay secure, safe and unbroken.

WordPress Updates Price

I planned to charge $27 per month, based on the amount of work monitoring, updating and repairing WordPress installations I will be taking on. However, I’ve decided to keep the price point low enough, that it’s a no-brainer. You can get the WordPress Update service at the low monthly price of only $12. I need testimonials on the new service, so I will be encouraging you to provide feedback on the service at some point.

Wordpress Maintenance
WordPress Maintenance
WordPress releases new versions. Plugins are updated. Themes are out of date every time the author releases a new version. Tired of all the hassle to keep things up to date and running smoothly? Subscribe to this service package, and I will keep your site 100% updated. Includes 1 WordPress site, Plugins, & Themes updates and ensuring they all play nice.

This is a subscription and will be billed monthly until cancelled.

About the Author

Cenay is a self-proclaimed geek with mad technical skills she loves sharing with Videos, Coaching and Articles. Need help? Click the Book 30 Minutes to find out if this is a good fit.

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$7 for such a service is a steal, even $17 is not a lot of money for having an expert taking care of a tedious work like keeping your wordpress up-to-date. I can only recommend to hire an expert if you don’t or can’t do it yourself. You are on an expert’s website. Hire Cenay. I would if I didn’t enjoy doing it myself.


[…] Stop Fighting WordPress Updates Before You Break Something ( […]


[…] Stop Fighting WordPress Updates Before You Break Something […]

John Mauldin

I am really confused. You state $7. say you should be charging $17. then your posted price is $12. Which is it? Pls. email me ASAP so I can get the service started. JM


Thanks for pointing out the errors John. Though, interestingly enough, not sure why Aweber decided to throw this post back out to the wild. It was published more than a year ago! I did raise the rate to $17 after the limited time offer, and then dropped it back to $12 as a more reasonable price point. I spend on average 30-40 minutes per week on each site, so this seems reasonable to me. As always, thanks for the feedback!

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