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By Cenay Nailor | Announcements

Jan 06

It’s a brand new year. Crap! What happened to the old one? Don’t know about you, but I was so busy and 2010 went by so fast, I feel a little cheated. Not.

So, in the spirit of trying to stay just as busy this year, I am kicking off the year with a promotion that saves you money, and gets me busy. So, how about $100 off? Pick any product (over $200) in my Ala Cart menu, and use the coupon code aQuick100 to reduce the price by $100.

And for my Warrior Forum friends, I created another coupon to apply to bundles and save even more. Use coupon code WF020 to knock 20% off the total when you purchase two or more services.

Please note, coupons can not be mixed and matched. Select the coupon code that gives you the most discount.

$100 Off Coupon Code: aQuick100
Save 20% Coupon Code: WF020

Offer expires February 1st, 2011


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Hi Cenay,

do you have discount coupon for elegant theme?


Sorry no… in fact, I’ve not heard of Elegant Themes having a coupon program where I can offer a discount. At $0.49 per theme, they are already pretty dang inexpensive. And being able to download all the new themes for the next year means each theme will be actually less than that. Know his new theme Trim? Just in the process of setting that one up on a new site and I am simply loving it. I love being able to switch out themes at will.

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