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...another Geeky article by Cenay Nailor

Live Webinar or Video Series for Product *Launch*?

I wanted to get a little feedback from you guys. You know I am all about the techie stuff, right? Gosh, how could you not know with all the how-to videos and tech articles? Anyway…

Here’s what I was thinking…

  • I get a lot of questions about creating a product, building a capture page for it, stirring up some *buzz* and putting together the download page.
  • I am almost done with my new book Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins.

Those two things taken together suggests a possible *marriage* of concepts.

How About A *Clinic*?

I was thinking, what about a live (or recorded) clinic, using a real product (my new book) and real time steps and tasks necessary to launch it?

So, on to my question. Would there be any interest? And if so, which would you prefer? Live or Recorded?

Please take a minute and *cast your vote* by leaving a comment right here. Please ask your Twitterpeeps or social friends to come cast their vote as well. If there is enough interest, I will put the whole thing together and you can watch me, step by step, do everything necessary to launch a product out into the wild. (The Internet silly, what did you think I meant?)

I look forward to hearing from you. And if you have a suggestion about what else to include in this clinic, now would be the time to speak up!

12 Responses

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  2. Hi Cenay,

    Great idea about the clinic. Yes, I think it should a LIVE clinic.

    How much more difficult would it be to record the live events and then use them as posts for your blog and/or additions to your ‘videos by Cenay’ series?

    I’m going to Tweet about this post right now!


    Luke Hawthornes last blog post..$250 Free From Google!

  3. Hey Cenay,
    Great idea. I’d be interested to watch for sure. Prefer to have it recorded personally so I can digest the techie stuff at my own pace, (which as you know is pretty slow, lol)


  4. This sounds like a great learning experience. A video done from the live feed might be a great way to do this. Someone like me most likely would have to refer back several times. Just a thought.
    PS Teacher: Directly below the submit button, it says: A feed could not be found at http://www.paulettechristian.com. Looks like something isin’t working.

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  8. Either live or recorded would be fine. Most important is to save a good recording of everything you do so you can turn it into products for future customers/clients and review/tutorials for your present students, like me. :0) I love the way you teach and your show and tell methods. Anyone can learn from you, even an old truck driver like me.

    Carol Hansens last blog post..New Social Networks Training From Bob the Teacher

  9. Willie

    I always said that you have a sexy voice.

    LIVE it is then.

    We all want to hear you in action.

    Willie Plasencia

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