How Do I Add A PayPal Donation Button?

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ

Jan 25

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I just created where can I get the code for a Paypal donation button/cookie jar?

This is my answer…

Login to your PayPal account and select Merchant Services tab from the top navigation bar. In the Create Buttons section there is a link marked with Donate. From the drop down on the next page, select either Donations or Gift Certificate, complete the fields and PayPal will provide you with code.

You can also embed your own link using something like I use (shown below). I actually have this link tied to BOTH the anchor text shown below, and an image of a mason jar stuffed with cash. You can see a sample on the right sidebar, about half way down.

In the code below, replace with your PayPal email address, and the item_name= with the text you want to include on the line item they see when they get to the PayPal page. Do not include spaces in the sentence. Use + instead.

Sample *Buy me a coffee or send me a tip* donation link

Text Link:

<a href=”;;currency_code=USD&amp;amount=&amp;return=&amp;item_name=Cenay%27s+Tip+Jar—Saying+Thanks+For+The+Help”>buy me a coffee or send me a tip</a>

Image link:

<a href=”;;currency_code=USD&amp;amount=&amp;return=&amp;item_name=Cenay%27s+Tip+Jar—Saying+Thanks+For+The+Help”><img width=”129″ border=”0″ src=”/images/tip-jar.jpg”></a>

The Plugin Solution for WordPress Blogs

There are also several WordPress plugins (of course) that will allow you to insert a shortcode to add a donation button. One in particular stands out since it features things like selecting your button, your PayPal email address, and sending follow up messages to your benefactors. The Donate Plus plugin also features the ability to create a “Donator Wall” so you can publically recognize those who send donations.

You can Google “WordPress plugin paypal donation” to see a whole slew of others.

Hope this clarifies things for you.


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Great info Cenay. I would not have thought of a donation button. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for the info. is there a way to link this to my youtube page or do I need to have my own website?

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