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Mar 03

Are Your Images Going To Get You In Trouble?

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Recently a client of mine received a letter informing him that one of the images we placed on the site, was copyrighted, and he needed to pay the penalty fee for it’s use without permission, and then purchase the rights to the image to keep the image on the site.

Wait, what?

During the course of the research into the issue, he discovered suing people for penalties has become a business model.

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Nov 22

Can Your Site Survive A Digg?

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Most bloggers blog away, and slowly — over time — build up their readership. They are rocking along on a hosting company pretty much like everyone else’s and not giving much thought to bandwidth or page views.

Oh sure, we all want more, I mean who doesn’t want more page views? But what happens to your site if suddenly, with no warning — 30 thousand people show up? It can happen if you land on the front page of Digg.

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Jun 20

MyCuisine Theme Installation From Elegant Themes

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Elegant Themes makes some of the most professional, beautiful and easy to use themes out there. One of their newest themes is MyCuisine, which has features just for food blogs

A client who has a Cake Decorating site wanted a new look and feel, so we choose the MyCuisine theme. This video shows you the old site, downloading the new theme, exactly what you have to do to install a theme from Elegant Themes, and how to tweak it to get it just right.

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May 10

Headspace2: The End Of An Era in SEO

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ , Plugins , SEO , Wordpress

Headspace2 is no longer supported. I can’t tell you how sad I am. Frustrated. Confused. Maybe a little bitter.

Headspace2 was an SEO plugin I found some time ago. As anyone who follows me knows, it’s a plugin I have proclaimed long and loud. I install it on all my client blogs. I teach how to set it up. I encouraged it’s use far and wide. And now it’s gasping it’s last.

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Apr 26

Install and Setup Catalyst WordPress Theme

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

A recent coaching session explored a theme my student purchased called Catalyst. His goal is to create a default blog using the Catalyst Wordpress Theme and then clone it to multiple sites. We choose Catalyst because he can change the look of the blog in seconds, without needing to know how to code PHP, HTML or CSS.

This video walked him through installing the theme (after purchase), and covers a few of the cooler functions available to him. It’s a short video, but I think one that will show off the features of the Catalyst Theme pretty well.

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Feb 17

WordPress Plugins: Fever In The Bunk House Now

By Cenay Nailor | Other Authors , Wordpress

Choosing the right WordPress plugins to help manage a marketing platform is like rolling dice – you have to roll the dice to see what happens. Adding plugins is an easy enough task, but it’s always encouraging to find a resource that gives a full review and even video demonstrations of what to expect from the performance of every helpful little add-on to your WordPress platform.

You’re visiting one of those sites.

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Nov 10

Retrofit Your Elegant Theme With Shortcodes

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

If you have followed my (excellent) advice, you have purchased Elegant Themes. You have installed one of their beautiful themes on your blog. Perhaps you even did this some time ago. In that case, the theme you have installed might not have the new Shortcodes feature.

If you have done extensive modifications, you might not want to update the theme. In that case, you can retro fit your customized theme with the new feature like this…

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Nov 01

WordPress Theme Installation Video

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

In this video, I show off a few features from Elegant Themes, one of my favorite theme providers. We will also download, extract and upload to our domain one of the themes we find there.

Some of the features of Elegant Themes that I love are the shortcodes and ePanel features. Shortcodes allow you to quickly bring in beautiful buttons or tabs, without coding. The ePanel allows you to turn on or off categories that are dislpayed in a variety of places.

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Sep 10

Do All Themes Support Excerpts?

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ , Wordpress

QUESTION TO CENAY: if I want a page looking like a blog with “read more” link, or excerpts, how do i make that? Is it possible that not every theme supports this?

I answered with this…
It is possible not every theme supports it, but you can test with a couple of methods. You can also change your blog’s display method in a couple of different ways. I will detail each here.

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Jun 09

22 Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

I know 22 things sounds like a long list, but trust me, do these things right after installing your new Wordpress blog, and you will start to see immediate traffic, it won’t take as much work to manage your blog, and your visitors will love it!

Little Tweaks With A Big Impact

First and foremost are those little annoying tweaks, that left undone now, can have repercussions later. (These are presented in no particular order since I make sure ALL are done before I install plugins or start posting.)

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Apr 22

Upgrade From To Self Hosted

By Cenay Nailor | Video Released , Wordpress

Many first time bloggers start out on, only to discover they are limited in options, plugins, advertising and flexibility. When that happens, it’s time to step up your game and go with a mature blogging platform. I highly recommend – the self-hosted option of the popular blogging software.

With the self hosted option, you no longer have anyone telling you what you can and can’t include for advertising, plugins, or content. Need a customized change? You can.

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Nov 17

18 WordPress Plugins I Can Not Live Without

By Cenay Nailor | Featured , Plugins , SEO , Wordpress

I have been promising a list of my personal *must have* plugins that I install on any new blog. Today, that promise is kept.

These are the plugins I install on every blog I create, regardless of niche or specialty. There are a few that I add to certain types of blogs that will won’t be discussed, but you can get more information on these in my book, the Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins.

They are listed alphabetically, not in the order of installation.

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Nov 04

Your Blog Is At War, Help Defend It

By Cenay Nailor | Defend Your Blog , Wordpress

Yep, you heard me right. Spammers, hackers, trogans and viruses… it’s a jungle out there. And your blog is a sitting duck.

I have a series of suggestions I will be making over the upcoming days to help you defend this valuable asset in your online marketing arsenal, so stayed tuned. And if you haven’t grabbed the RSS feed yet, this might be a good time…

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Sep 02

Customize Tag Cloud Appearance To Help Visitors Find Your Content

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

I know you thought you’d never hear me say this, but a plugin isn’t always the best way to handle a small change in your Wordpress Theme. Especially since each plugin adds it’s own load time to the overall page load time. Fast = visitors stay longer.

Come on, we are a generation of short-attention spanned humans, struggling to assimilate the thousands of bits of information that flow like a river into our awareness. The longer a page takes to load, the less inclined we are to look at other content on a site. One slow page, especially the main page, and most folks will pack up their little red wagon and move on.

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Jun 19

A Custom 404 Page : An Opportunity To Impress* Your Visitors

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

(* By impress, I mean engage, wow and help your visitors)

When something goes wrong on your site, your visitors will land on a 404 page, or to their way of thinking, the Twilight Zone.

Most standard Wordpress blogs come handily equipped with a 404 Page. The problem is it is absolutely worthless for helping your visitor get back on track.

There could be a variety of reasons they landed there:

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Jun 13

3 Ways To A Faster Page Load

By Cenay Nailor | Wordpress

Its true. Fancy blogs look good, but they take time to load on your visitors browser, and that can cost you. If it takes too long to load, that little voice in their head says “All the pages will take this long, do I really want to click the next link?

At that point, you have lost them…many for good.

Although I have no hard numbers to back up this statement, I figure you have about 8 seconds. If they aren’t seeing real content delivered in 8 seconds, they are

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